Using RoundCubeMail to manage Sieve Filters

MCP Services has recently upgraded our mail server to support Sieve filters to sort mail and send out of office messages. This document shows you how.

The rules you create will be applied to every incoming email, whether you read your mails from Thunderbird, RoundCube, or your phone. For Out of Office messages, the system remembers who has received a notice so they are sent only once.

Start by logging into webmail at If you have not used it before, remember it requires just your username and not the @ sign, nor the domain name (not, just jsmith). Your email password is the same as your Internet password.

screen shot
  1. From the top toolbar, choose "Settings"
  2. From the setting tabs, choose "Filters"
  3. From the bottom left corner, choose "+" to add a new rule
  4. Give your rule a name
  5. Choose which messages the rule applies to. For Out of Office messages, "all messages" is what you want. For sorting mail to particular folders or sending a copy, you can select "matching all..." or "matching any..." and you will be presented with a way of selecting various messages based on the sendor, subject, etc.
  6. For an Out of Office message, select "Out of Office", for sorting mail into folders, select "Move message to" and you will have a list of mail folders.
  7. Give your Out of Office reply mail a subject.
  8. Give your Out of Office reply message a message body.
  9. Save your rule
  10. Choose "Mail" from the toolbar to go back to your inbox.
  11. An out of office notification will continue to send messages until the rule is deleted. Make a note to yourself to delete the rule after you return.
John Kaiser